New Dairy and Gluten Free Porridge Pots!

Boil the kettle. Do your make-up. Iron a shirt. Find a matching pair of socks. Defrost the windscreen… In less than the time it takes you to do any of these you could have whipped up a bowl of delicious gluten free goodness thanks to our new, Gluten and Dairy Free Quick Cook Porridge Sachets and Instant Porridge Oats Pots.

Following a free-from diet can sometimes be tricky, and at breakfast times, even more so. That’s why we’ve been busy trying and testing porridge oats that provide breakfast in an instant and we’re delighted to announce the latest additions to the Delicious Alchemy product range.

Dairy and Gluten Free Porridge

Introducing our Dairy Free and Gluten Free Porridge

Think you’re too busy to catch breakfast? Think again! Simply add hot milk or boiling water to our Instant Porridge Pots and have ready to eat tasty oats in under two minutes. Or with our Quick Cook Porridge Oats, which are packed into eight handy sachets for a convenient breakfast, you can have a heart-warming bowl of delicious porridge in just 3 minutes.

The Instant Porridge Pots and Quick Cook Porridge Oat Sachets are both gluten and dairy free and come in classic original and golden syrup flavour gifting you the freedom of choice on those hectic mornings.

You’ll find our new porridge products, along with all of Delicious Alchemy’s tasty products at our online shop.

Delicious Alchemy: Helping you go Gluten Free

It’s our mission to create great tasting free from food that helps to improve the lives of people on restricted diets so we’re thrilled to be able to increase our product range and bring you even more gluten free choice.

Gluten Free Porridge Quick Cook

If you want to know more about our brand new products, perhaps the story or the technical know-how behind the range then please send an email to or if you’re a keen tweeter, contact @4glutenfreefood

Remember, we’re always keen to know what you think about Delicious Alchemy products; how we can expand our range and enhance our flavours. If you’re bursting with an idea, then please get in touch!

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