Rebecca Smith AKA Glutarama is supporting the #DACrowdfund

We are now one week into the #DACrowdfund! In our first week, we have received over £1,000 in donations – and we are absolutely thrilled! This milestone is a real achievement, and we are super grateful to all of you who have donated so far.

Our good friend Glutarama has put together a short video, explaining why she chose to support our project, and how it may have helped her if our book was available when her daughter was diagnosed coeliac, seven years ago.

I would have liked more resources to learn how to deal with a restricted diet


“Seven years ago, my daughter Bethany was diagnosed with Coeliac disease at the age of four years old.

It’s been a very long and emotional journey – not just for Bethany, but for the family as a whole.

Together, we have learned to adapt to our new lifestyle on a restricted diet, and I think we’re doing ok. However, looking back, I would have liked something more in the way of resources to support us as a family learning from scratch how to deal with a restricted diet, and go from gluten filled to gluten free. So I think that it would have been brilliant to have something step-by-step, day-by-day, taking us through the process, and allowing us to feel more confident and not beat ourselves up so much.

That is why I’ve made this short video clip, because I’ve donated to the Delicious Alchemy crowdfund to support their production of their book – the ultimate guide for gluten free living.”



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