7 foods you never knew contained gluten

We all know to be careful with bread, cakes and anything dough-based. But what are the more surprising foods we didn’t expect to contain gluten? For example, are oats gluten free? Here’s what to watch out for…


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7 sneaky foods containing ‘hidden’ gluten


1. Tomato Sauce & other condiments

Gluten or wheat is often used as a stabiliser or thickening agent in pre-prepared sauces and condiments. A lot of major sauce brands are now starting to make their products gluten free, but always read the label!


2. Malt Ice Creams/Milkshakes

Watch our for malt ice creams and milkshakes – they contain processed barley, which includes gluten!


3. Soy sauce

The soya beans that make soy sauce often contain added wheat (and gluten) for extra flavour and sweetness.


4. Sushi

This one definitely surprised us – it’s just fish, rice and veggies, right? The things to watch out for are sticky rice (sometimes dressed in wheat-derived vinegars), surimi or imitation crab (where wheat is used as a binding agent) – and of course, soy sauce (see above!).


5. Gravy

With your Sunday dinner, always opt for gravy made with cornstarch rather than flour, and if you can, go for cornstarch that was processed in a gluten free factory – just to be safe!


6. Alcohol

Not a food, we know – but some of these still surprised us! Beers, lagers, stouts and ales are a no-no as they are brewed with wheat and barley which have a high gluten content.

According to Coeliac UK, when spirits are distilled, all traces of gluten are removed, even when they are made with ingredients which contain it. That means that, in their view, spirits like malt whiskey are still safe for coeliacs and those with gluten sensitivities to drink. Click here for more information on gluten free alcohol.


7. Oats

It’s  question that’s often asked: Are oats gluten free? Most oats don’t contain gluten themselves, but are grown and processed alongside wheat and other grains which do. This can cause contamination, which, if you’re sensitive to gluten, is enough to cause problems… Always look for the Crossed Grained label on gluten free oats.

Some coeliacs are sensitive to avenin, which is present in both gluten-containing and gluten free oats, so remember to consult your doctor and proceed with caution.


are oats gluten free? Ours are!

We grow our Oats ourselves, so are always sure they’re not contaminated with gluten. 100% safe to eat and 100% delicious, perfect!


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