What Makes Oats Good For You?

Here at Delicious Alchemy, we love our oats. In fact we love them so much, we grow our own. That way, we can ensure they are completely uncontaminated and free from gluten when we use them in our delicious products. But why do we love them so much? What makes oats good for you? Read on to find out…

Why are oats good for you?

Why are oats good for you?

They’re high in fibre

First things first, including lots of fibre in your diet is essential for maintaining a healthy digestive system. According to UK government guidelines, we should be getting 30g of fibre from our diet each day, though most of us only manage around 18g! Our gluten free oats contain 8.6g of soluble fibre per 100g, which will help you on the way to hitting that target.

They help to lower cholesterol

Yes, really! Beta-glucans, a form of soluble fibre found in oats, are proven to help lower cholesterol. Cholesterol is a fatty substance created by the body which is also found in some of the foods we eat. Beta-glucans, among other mechanisms, absorb excess cholesterol by forming a glue-like substance in the stomach, which the body is able to excrete.

They keep you fuller for longer

Satiety is the feeling of fullness you get after eating, which slows the urge to eat more. In the Satiety Index, which ranks foods on their ability to keep you feeling full, porridge ranked twice as highly as white bread!

They’re a great alternative to wheat-containing cereals

If you’re new to gluten free, breakfast can be one of the trickiest meals to adapt for, especially as so many cereals contain wheat. Gluten free oats are a great and convenient alternative. Find inspiration for all sorts of gluten free breakfasts here.

They’re delicious!

Finally, our number one reason for loving oats so much is that they put a big smile on our faces, even on the chilliest of winter mornings! Our Instagram followers are always inspiring us with their amazing gluten free porridge creations. Join the fun by tagging your photos with #DAMorningMagic, and every month we’ll be choosing a winner to receive 3 bags of Delicious Alchemy cereals!

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