Why is Gluten Free Food More Expensive?

We often get asked why the price of gluten free food is higher than their gluten-containing equivalents. This difference in price can be frustrating for a lot of people with coeliac disease and other intolerances, so we wanted to explain what it is that goes into our products that makes them more expensive than what you’d find in the main aisle of your supermarket.

Smaller batches

The Mighty Makery, where we create our Delicious Alchemy products, is our own specialist gluten free facility. We make small batches of each product at a time to ensure maximum allergen control, and therefore aren’t able to offer the price reductions associated with massive volume like our main aisle equivalents. This also influences things like our packaging costs, which are higher as we buy in smaller quantities, and transportation costs.

Specialist ingredients

To create a standard loaf of bread using wheat flour, you only need a handful of ingredients – flour, yeast, salt, water and a little oil. Our White Bread Mix, on the other hand, requires a number of crucial and specialist ingredients to create a result which is as close as possible to the ‘real thing’ – and these ingredients can be expensive.

Testing & traceability

We understand how important it is for people with coeliac disease, allergies and intolerances to be able to trust the people that make free from foods. That’s why every product that leaves our makery undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it is totally free from gluten and other allergens. Not only that, but we have to make sure all the ingredients that go into making each product are subject to the same standards. This takes time and costs money, but it’s totally worth it to ensure the safety and well-being of our customers.


Ten years ago, when Delicious Alchemy was founded, the gluten free offerings on the market were sparse – and those that were available were disappointing. Since then, the industry has come on leaps and bounds, and this significant improvement has been the result of continuous innovation by the companies that make free from foods. Delicious Alchemy, for instance, was the first company to launch gluten free oats in the UK. We are constantly working on improving our products, as well as bringing exciting new ones to the market – and this isn’t always cheap. We need to spend a little more to keep our development kitchen running, and producing new and delicious free from alternatives to improve our customers’ experiences.

So that’s a little insight into why our products cost what they do. We work incredibly hard on making our products as affordable as possible, and ensure we pass any savings on to whoever buys our mixes and cereals, rather than lining our own pockets! If you have any questions, we’d love to hear them – so don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing hello@deliciousalchemy.com.

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