Home Baking & Cereals Taste Boxes

We would like to thank so many of you for your emails of support and feedback – it’s lovely to hear that people are enjoying our products and are grateful that they can buy them direct factory.

Some of you have asked if you can purchase a bundle of different products, especially if this is your first purchase. Well, we hear you!

For creativity in the kitchen check out our Home Baking Taste Box, which contains two each of our delicious baking mixes: Chocolate Brownie, Vanilla Sponge, White Bread and Brown Bread.

For tasty breakfasts have a look at our Cereals Taste Box which contains two each of our award winning Oats, Red Apple, Date and Sultana Muesli and Berry with a Hint of Cinnamon Muesli pouches. And once you’ve eaten breakfast head over to our website to find an amazing array of recipes on our website from Oaty Pancakes to Baked OatsFruity Flapjacks or Smoothies.

If you haven’t tried all of our amazing products, this is a great opportunity as well.