Jenny Swift’s Top Gluten Free Baking Tips – Guest Blog

In case you missed it, our GFMBO 2015 winner, Jenny Swift, popped into Delicious Alchemy last month to recreate her show-stopping winning bake which you can catch up on here.

As it happens, Jenny is something of a professional – she runs her own business baking and decorating cakes, and has created some spectacular masterpieces!

Gluten Free Cake Delicious Alchemy

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Guest Recipe: Gluten Free Chocolate Crunchie Cake by Lauren Fitness

There’s nothing we love more than seeing photos of the delicious masterpieces you’ve created with our mixes, and when we see something as amazing as THIS pop up on Instagram – featuring chocolate, cake and honeycomb – we know we just have to share it!

The lovely Lauren Fitness made this delicious Chocolate Crunchie Cake using our Vanilla Sponge Mix.

Delicious Alchemy Crunchie Cake Recipe
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Guest Recipe: Gluten Free Pink Oatmeal Parfait by Luci Rebecca

Our incredibly talented friend Luci Rebecca is a big advocate of our gluten and dairy free oats! She’s always coming up with interesting and innovative breakfast ways to make her morning porridge even more delicious – and they’re always so pretty as well!

This photo in particular caught our eyes last week, and Luci has been kind enough to let us share her recipe. All you need to recreate this jam jar of joy is our gluten and dairy free rolled oats, some fruit smoothie, some yoghurt and a handful of berries.

Gluten Free Pink Oatmeal Parfait

Too good to be true? Try it yourself!

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What To Do With Your Leftover Christmas Cake?

So Christmas is over for another year (sob).

Picture the scene. You’re more stuffed than a Christmas turkey, but you’ve still got half a Christmas cake to eat before it’s too late. You’re trying to force-feed encourage your family to finish it off, but those last few slices of delicious fruits and marzipan are still hanging around.

Binning it is NOT an option. Don’t panic, we have come to your rescue – read on for our two favourite leftover Christmas cake recipes.

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Guest Recipe: Gluten Free Baked Alaskas by Gluten Free B

Our good friend Gluten Free B has been experimenting with our delicious new Gluten Free Christmas Fruit Cake mix!

We have already seen an amazing recipe for Christmas pudding by Glutarama, and this one is also helping to get us in the festive free from mood.

Try out these miniature festive Gluten Free Baked Alaskas with meringues made from brown sugar – they’re gluten free, dairy free, egg free and soya free!

Gluten Free Baked Alaskas

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Guest Recipe: Gluten Free Christmas Pudding by Glutarama

Last month saw the release of our brand new product – the gluten and dairy free Christmas Fruit Cake mix!

Our new blogger friend, Glutarama, was one of the first to try our delicious new mix. You may remember Glutarama from a previous guest recipe she did for Gluten Free Malt loaf, using our Gluten Free brown bread mix.

Glutarama is run by Rebecca, whose daughter is not only coeliac but also Type 1 Diabetic. As you’ll see from her blog, Rebecca has a real skill for creating delicious gluten free recipes, and this one for gluten free Christmas pudding is no exception!

Gluten Free Christmas Pudding

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Egg Free Baking – Chocolate Brownies

It’s no secret that our chocolate brownie mix is a big hit. One of the most common questions we get asked is: “can your brownies be made without using eggs?”

For the past few weeks, we have been in the kitchen testing out ways of recreating our delicious brownies without using eggs. We’ve tried everything – not all of them great, believe us, but we’ve finally cracked it! (Ha… ha…)

There are two versions of the egg free brownie. One uses peanut butter as a replacement for egg and the other is… mashed potato!

Both are just as gooey and delicious as our normal brownies. If you’re a fan of peanut butter, you’ll really enjoy the slight taste of peanut in the brownie, and if you can’t eat nuts or don’t like them, the mashed potato version will be perfect for you.

See below for each recipe.

Gluten Free Brownie Stack 1

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Guest Recipe: Gluten Free Vanilla & Raspberry Halloween Cupcakes

You may have already guessed that we are all crazy about baking here at Delicious Alchemy HQ, and our latest recruit is no exception.

Take a look at these Spooktacular Vanilla and Raspberry Eyeball Gluten and Dairy Free Cupcakes that she has crafted for Halloween.  They’re terrifyingly easy to make.

Gluten Free Vanilla & Raspberry Halloween Cupcakes


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