The DA Challenge : A gluten free week experience

As a rite of passage at Delicious Alchemy, we like everyone to complete a ‘gluten free week’ so they can experience a free from diet first hand.  In this latest blog post, our newest recruit shares her experience of going gluten free…


Upon joining Delicious Alchemy, I was briefed that I must complete a gluten free week. I was slightly apprehensive as I’m still learning about what foods do & don’t contain gluten – but I was mainly curious to see what options I could find.

I’m not a big breakfast person, so gluten free breakfasts weren’t too much of a worry. I was mostly nervous about what I would do for lunch – as someone who tends to rush around a lot, convenience is a very important factor in my diet.  Also, my biggest weakness is bread which I knew would be a challenge. Although there are gluten free bread alternatives out there, I wasn’t sure how they’d compare…

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Allergy and Free From Show 2015… It’s show time!

We’re heading back down to the Allergy and Free From Show once again this year!


The event, which takes place on the 3-5th July 2015 at Olympia, London is hailed as Europe’s largest free from show. The most prestigious names in allergy and free from across categories from food and drink through to skin care and household items will be exhibiting and we are one of them!

As a passionate free from brand, the team at Delicious Alchemy HQ will be attending the show and presenting our tasty products, which are free from gluten and dairy and are tested at every stage to ensure they are safe for everyone on a gluten free diet.

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Getting started on a restricted diet

Hi, I’m Emma, Founder of Delicious Alchemy. As part of our ‘behind the scenes’ series, I’ll be sharing my advice and tips on how to get started on your restricted diet.

From planning meals in advance to navigating the weekly shop – here’s how I manage my restricted diet.

Photo of Emma, CEO

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Delicious Alchemy’s Emma is up for Entrepreneur of the Year!

We couldn’t be more excited to announce that our very own Emma Killilea, founder of Delicious Alchemy, has been shortlisted for Entrepreneur of the Year in The Grocer Gold Awards 2015!

Emma GG 1

We’ve come a long way since Emma set up the company in 2006, starting out with the simple but very real idea to create a delicious-tasting range of gluten free foods. Now, with a team of 25 people, a 12-strong product range, lines in leading supermarkets and our very own production house set up in Sheffield last year, she’s as committed as ever to making gluten free products commonplace and far more delicious.

It’s safe to say Emma’s been at the head, and heart, of every single Delicious Alchemy success. But there have also been a lot of people who’ve helped out along the way. So on behalf of Emma and the Delicious Alchemy team, we’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who’s supported us – the story certainly doesn’t end here! We’ve plenty more exciting things in the pipeline, so watch this space.

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Preparing for an endoscopy or a colonoscopy (not for the faint-hearted!)

Following on from my last blog post on diagnosis, I’ll now draw on my own experiences to help you plan and prepare for an endoscopy or a colonoscopy.

In this post, I’m going to be very frank about what will happen to you, or your child in an endoscopy/colonoscopy. This is based on my own personal experience. I’ve had quite a few over the years and I’ve developed a method of dealing with them.

I’m posting my method here to help the people who feel the need to know the details before they go into it. I’m one of those people but you might not need that help. If you don’t, walk away from the screen now! I’m joking but before reading any further, please consider that you might find this post the opposite of helpful…

Emma Killilea

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“Improve your health and therefore your life.” Coeliac diagnosis, and all the tests along the way

Hi I’m Delicious Alchemy’s founder, Emma Killilea. As part of our ‘Behind the Scenes’ series, I’ll be talking about my diagnosis with coeliac disease, and all the tests along the way.


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Emma shares the Delicious Alchemy story

Delicious Alchemy’s founder, Emma Killilea, is back with her second instalment about her Coeliac diagnosis and how Delicious Alchemy came to be…

I am often asked how I came to set up Delicious Alchemy, which was 9 years ago now! The idea came to me one summer’s day after I’d walked through a wheat field.

When I took my boots off afterwards, I found itchy swellings, like insect bites, on my ankles. Then I spotted the kernels of wheat in my sock and made the connection – wheat gives me welts.

Emma Killilea

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Hello, my name is Emma and I’m a celeriac

Hi, I’m Delicious Alchemy’s founder, Emma Killilea, and as part of our new ‘behind the scenes’ series I’ll be sharing my thoughts on being a newly diagnosed coeliac.


 Hello, my name is Emma and I’m a cereliac.


I’m also a glutton avoider and an undesirable!

Of course I’m really just a rather militant coeliac with an additional severe wheat allergy but, like you, some of the things I’ve been called by people who do not understand coeliac disease, allergy and intolerance are hilarious…

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