The #DACrowdfund is now finished!

After 4 weeks of campaigning, the #DACrowdfund has come to an end!

We want to say a huge thank you to everyone that supported us. Our final sum was £1,635 which will help us on our way to producing and publishing the ultimate gluten free guide book – “Goodbye Gluten, Hello Delicious”.

Although we did not reach our goal of £16,000, we are still looking to make this book. A reference of this kind would be such a huge helping hand to those who are starting out on a restricted diet, and could give new ideas to more experienced coeliacs.

Thank you b

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Delicious Alchemy’s Gluten Free Charity: Live on BBC Radio Sheffield

Our Founder Emma Killilea went live on BBC Radio Sheffield this week to raise awareness of the The Delicious Alchemy Charitable Foundation.

As a coeliac, Emma is passionate about helping improve the lives of people on restricted diets – day by day. The Foundation will help to achieve this aim by donating gluten free food to UK food banks supported by the Trussell Trust, and helping research programmes and other charities improve the lives of those on free from diets.

Our first fundraising project for the Foundation is almost at its end – we are raising funds to create the ultimate gluten free guide book to help those on restricted diets adjust to their new lifestyle. ‘Goodbye Gluten, Hello Delicious’ is being written by Emma, and we need YOUR help to make it happen! Click here to find out more about the #DACrowdfund.

Emma Killilea 2

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‘Goodbye Gluten, Hello Delicious’ – a sneak peek into our brand new book…

We are now officially on a one-week countdown for the #DACrowdfund!

With just over £1,500 donated already, we have one week left to gather as much funding as we can to produce the ultimate guide book to gluten free living.

As a thank you for all your contributions already – and as a teaser for those who are thinking about it – we are sharing the contents of the book! Scroll down for a complete guide to: ‘Goodbye Gluten, Hello Delicious’.

If you haven’t donated yet, but would still like to, simply click here to be taken to our crowdfunding page.

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Rebecca Smith AKA Glutarama is supporting the #DACrowdfund

We are now one week into the #DACrowdfund! In our first week, we have received over £1,000 in donations – and we are absolutely thrilled! This milestone is a real achievement, and we are super grateful to all of you who have donated so far.

Our good friend Glutarama has put together a short video, explaining why she chose to support our project, and how it may have helped her if our book was available when her daughter was diagnosed coeliac, seven years ago.

I would have liked more resources to learn how to deal with a restricted diet

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Guest blog: Interview with Emma by Coeliac Sanctuary

To celebrate the launch of the project, Coeliac Sanctuary interviewed our founder, Emma Killilea, who is writing the book.

Founded by Alison, who suffers from a gluten intolerance, Coeliac Sanctuary is a source for those on restricted diets to discover the best places to eat out and products to try. Read on to find out more!

Coeliac Sanctuary interviews Delicious Alchemy

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The #DACrowdfund is live!

Drum roll please… Our crowdfund is now live!

Join our mission to publish a book to help those who need a gluten free diet! With your help, we can improve the lives of people on restricted diets. You can even bag yourself one of our exclusive rewards…

In case you missed it, we have launched a crowdfund with the aim of raising over £16,000 for the publishing and production costs of our book – “Goodbye Gluten Hello Delicious – Your Guide To Going Completely Gluten Free”.

FB Banner V2c

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We’re Crowdfunding!

We have a VERY exciting announcement to make – and we need YOU!

We’re crowdfunding!

Why, you ask…?

You may remember us mentioning our brand new charity, the Delicious Alchemy Charitable Foundation. Our first fundraising mission for the Foundation is coming up soon – and it’s a big one…

We’re aiming to produce and publish a book aimed at helping people transition from a gluten filled diet, to a gluten free diet!

Web banner

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The Delicious Alchemy Charitable Foundation!

We’ve got some exciting news to share from Delicious Alchemy HQ…

We’re delighted to announce our brand new charity – the Delicious Alchemy Charitable Foundation!

Our Charity Promises

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