Our 6 Favourite Gluten Free Halloween Recipes

As the scariest season of the year is nearly upon us, we have rounded up our most hair-raising recipes for you this Halloween.

Whether you’re throwing a hellish Halloween party or cooking up some terrifying treats in the cauldron for yourself, we’ve got 6 recipes for you that are so simple – it’s scary…



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The Ultimate Gluten Free Victoria Sponge Cake Recipe

There’s a reason it’s a classic. This teatime staple is the perfect balance of light, fluffy vanilla sponge with layers of sweet, fruity jam and silky buttercream – and it just so happens to be gluten, wheat and dairy free! With the help of our award-winning Gluten & Dairy Free Vanilla Sponge Mix, creating the quintessential Gluten Free Victoria Sponge is (ahem) a piece of cake.

gluten free victoria sponge decorate

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Top Gluten Free Recipes for Children: 2017 Update

Baking with your child is a fantastic way to teach them about a gluten free diet, and have some fun at the same time! From cupcakes to pizzas, we’ve got kid-approved gluten free recipes covered, and including some that are brand new for 2017!


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We’re Celebrating a Brand New Launch!

Here at Delicious Alchemy HQ, there’s not much we love more than a party. And what’s a party without cake?

We wanted to make it easier to create a homemade party-perfect showstopper that everyone can enjoy, regardless of allergies, intolerances or coeliac disease. So we put our thinking caps on and set to work.

Introducing: our Gluten & Dairy Free Let’s Celebrate Chocolate Cake Kit!

It contains a decadently delicious chocolate sponge mix, chocolate frosting, eye-catching rainbow sprinkles and white writing icing to add that personal touch. And it’s all 100% free from both gluten and dairy!

This kit lets you get creative without the hassle. Simply add dairy free spread (or butter), eggs (or egg replacer) and a splash of water, then let your imagination run wild! It’s perfect for any occasion – birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, mother’s or father’s day, you name it – and the decorations can be as simple or ambitious as you want to make them!

The Gluten & Dairy Free Let’s Celebrate Chocolate Cake Kit will be available exclusively at Tesco from Monday 18th September 2017 at £5/740g. Can’t make it to a Tesco? Never fear – we’ll also be launching this fantastic kit right here on our online shop very soon, so watch this space!

Have you tried baking our kit? We’d love to see your creations! Share them with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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Gluten Free Bloggers & Influencers to Follow on Instagram

Are you on Instagram?  The social media platform has taken off in a big way.  Some 600 million people worldwide are members of the mobile photo sharing app, posting cute, funny and inspiring pics and videos daily.

Anything but boring, Instagram can be a major source of information and discovering new people to follow is part of the fun.  It’s a haven for foodies, with photos of what everyone is eating circulating the globe every second.  Who doesn’t love to share what they’ve dined on, where they’ve had a great meal, which recipe they’ve used, and of course, how show-stopping their dish looked?

So, when it comes to gluten free, who should you be following?  Us, of course, @deliciousalchemy, but also the many fabulous gluten free bloggers and influencers that take a lot of care to curate Instagram feeds that are made to make your mouth water.  Here’s a few of our favourites: Read more >

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Our Top 6 Gluten Free Summertime Treats

With temperatures reaching new highs this week and Brits everywhere finding a new sort of weather to complain about, we at Delicious Alchemy got to thinking about our favourite summery gluten free treats. From granola ice lollies to bread rolls perfect for picnics, there’s a little something for everyone. Which will you be trying this summer?

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Staying Free From at Festivals – Our Survival Guide

We know, only too well, how tricky it can be to live gluten free. Ensuring you have plenty of delicious free from products at home is doable, but it is a little tougher eating out and if you’re thinking of heading to a festival this summer, you might have a few concerns!

Festivals are the holy grail for pleasure-seekers to unwind and have some fun. However if you, or anyone in your family or festival group, can’t eat gluten, you might be wondering if there will be food available that you can enjoy. There most likely will be, but it’s always better to be prepared.

Follow our festival tips, and you’ll be organised and ready for any situation.

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Coeliac Awareness Week 2017 Day 7: Date & Sunflower Seed Granola by Beth Heddle

Today marks the end of Coeliac Awareness Week, an annual celebration of all things gluten free run by the wonderful charity Coeliac UK. This year, we’ve been celebrating with a new blog or recipe every day!

The fantastic foodie & fitness blogger Beth Heddle has created a delicious new recipe using our Gluten & Dairy Free Oats – introducing her Date & Sunflower Seed Granola! Simply scroll down for the recipe – it’s easier than you might think!

date & sunflower seed granola

“I’ll admit, granola is a weakness of mine. I’ll eat it for breakfast, snack on it mid-morning and top greek yogurt and fruit with it for dessert. If there’s no tub of fresh granola in the house it’s probably because I’m ill.

Deliciously Alchemy make two amazing granolas, a nut and seed one and a berry one (if you’ve not tried these you’re missing out!!). This granola takes after the nut and seed one but combines the sweet taste of delicious dates with the nuts to give a crunchy but divine flavour.”

Click here for Beth’s recipe

About Beth

Beth is an award-winning blogger who has a passion for running, fitness, food and travel. When she’s not baking up a storm or pounding the pavements, she’s a student at the University of Birmingham. Make sure you check out Beth’s blog here, and follow her on Instagram for some serious fitness/foodie #goals!

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