Coeliac Awareness Week 2017 Day 5: Staying Fit on a Gluten Free Diet

Blogger and passionate runner Beth Heddle knows a thing or two about staying fit on a gluten free diet. To help us celebrate Coeliac Awareness Week, she’s put together some brilliant tips on how to balance your diet with fitness or training…

Beth Heddle

Beth Heddle on Staying Fit while Gluten Free

As a coeliac, there aren’t really any reasons why you shouldn’t be able to exercise like anyone else. Coeliacs do however often suffer from a weakened immune system which increases your susceptibility to catching viruses and generally feeing unwell. A few ways I love to keep fit include jogging, walking, spinning classes and cycling outdoors. They’re all relatively cheap and don’t require much expertise – especially as a student these are appealing methods of exercise.

One thing I struggle with being a coeliac is the small range of ‘healthy’ snack bars available for coeliacs. After exercise I often have to drive home or go on somewhere else and therefore having a snack bar would be so convenient. There are a few that I have come across that have a great protein and carbohydrate ratio post-workout but you can so simply make your own! A simple mix of mashed dates, oats, nuts, seeds, dried fruit and honey baked for 10 minutes or so work perfectly!

energy balls
Try these Gluten Free Raw Cacao Energy Balls by Delicious Alchemy

About Beth

Beth is an award-winning blogger who has a passion for running, fitness, food and travel. When she’s not baking up a storm or pounding the pavements, she’s a student at the University of Birmingham. Make sure you check out Beth’s blog here, and follow her on Instagram for some serious fitness/foodie #goals!

Coeliac Awareness Week

This week, 8-14 May, is Coeliac Awareness Week. This annual week-long event is run by the fantastic charity Coeliac UK, and this year focuses on eating out and eating on the go. Find out more here and join the #glutenfreevolution! We’re celebrating with a new blog or recipe every day.

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Coeliac Awareness Week 2017 Day 4: A Gluten Free Springtime Showstopper

The story so far…

Back in October 2016, Delicious Alchemy’s annual Gluten Free Magic Bake Off competition was drawing to a close. The final was closely fought, with some truly showstopping entries to choose between. After a lot of deliberation, we decided upon Carly Talbot’s Autumn Spice Showstopper as 2016’s winning bake!

Carly won a trip to Sheffield, where she had a gluten free afternoon tea at the beautiful Chatsworth House, and a professional photoshoot of the winning cake. She decided to put a springtime twist on her creation this time around – and we hope you’ll agree that the results came out beautifully! Carly runs the blogs Gluten Free B and Windsor B – you can read her account of the day here. Scroll down for the recipe for this masterpiece if you’d like to create your own!

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Coeliac Awareness Week 2017 Day 3: Living Gluten Free as a Student

Beth Heddle is one of our favourite GF bloggers and, as a student, she has some brilliant tips on how to balance your studies with a gluten free diet.

gluten free as a student

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Coeliac Awareness Week 2017 Day 2: DIY No Cook Rice Milk & Oat Milk

For Day 2 of our Coeliac Awareness Week celebrations, we’re showing you just how easy it is to make delicious dairy free milk alternatives at home, that also don’t contain gluten, nuts, or any other major allergen.

More and more of us are choosing dairy free milks, and they are now easier than ever to find in your local supermarket – but they’re not always cheap. Here’s how you can make your own in minutes for less than 90p a litre.

Rice milk has a deliciously subtle nutty flavour and is perfect on cereal. We love using Delicious Alchemy Rice Flakes in this recipe as there is no previous soaking or cooking necessary – you’re ready to go in seconds. Add a touch of vanilla extract for a sophisticated taste.

Oat milk has a stronger, oaty taste and is also delicious with the addition of vanilla or cinnamon.

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Coeliac Awareness Week 2017 Day 1: A Delicious Giveaway

Happy Coeliac Awareness Week! Today marks the beginning of charity Coeliac UK‘s annual week-long event to raise awareness for coeliac disease and the gluten free diet. Here at Delicious Alchemy, we want to kick celebrations off with a bang.

coeliac awareness week

We’re offering one lucky winner the chance to get their hands on:

  • 2 one-day tickets to the Allergy & Free From Show in London’s Olympia on 7-9th July 2017
  • An overnight stay in a London hotel for the show
  • Travel to and from the event*
  • A HUGE gift hamper stuffed to the brim with every one of Delicious Alchemy’s products!

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How to Travel Gluten Free – Our Holiday Tips

Summer is finally on the horizon, and that means many of us will soon be heading abroad. If you’re travelling, whether it’s for work or play, the last thing you’ll want to worry about is gluten making its way into your food. We’ve put together some of our favourite tips on how to travel gluten free, so you can get on with the more important things.

Stripey deck chair

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Small Changes: How to Make a Gluten Free Diet Work for You

Cutting gluten from your diet is a big step. We’ve put together a few small changes and tips that can help break up the transition, and stop it seeming too intimidating a task.

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Why is Gluten Free Food More Expensive?

We often get asked why the price of gluten free food is higher than their gluten-containing equivalents. This difference in price can be frustrating for a lot of people with coeliac disease and other intolerances, so we wanted to explain what it is that goes into our products that makes them more expensive than what you’d find in the main aisle of your supermarket.

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