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The Delicious Alchemy story so far…


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It all started with a walk.

Emma (soon to be Delicious Alchemy’s founder) was taking a stroll through a wheat field. She found wheat down her sock and noticed that it irritated her skin. She’d been having stomach and skin problems for ages, and this got her thinking. ‘If that’s what it’s doing to my ankle, what it’s doing to my stomach?’ So she quit eating wheat and started thinking. The idea for Delicious Alchemy was born.

Oct 2004

Emma quit her job and went back to university to study food science at Sheffield Hallam University. Emma’s ambition to set up a safe gluten free food company was taking shape.

Oct 2005

Emma won the annual Sheffield Hallam Enterprise Challenge for the Delicious Alchemy business plan. Things were looking promising.

JUNE 2006

Delicious Alchemy the idea became Delicious Alchemy the company. The mission was simple. To create a range of gluten free foods that was simply delicious. The name on the other hand was a little trickier to come by. Emma wanted something that was true to what she was doing. Turning simple, gluten free foods into something magical. Just like alchemy. Ta-dah! That was it. But not just any old alchemy. Delicious Alchemy. The company was born!

APRIL 2007

Our first invoice sent, and paid! It was to Browns Hotel in London.

JUNE 2007

Sheffield flooded! Don’t remind us.


We picked up our first award (of many), winning a Great Taste Award for their gluten free loaf and ginger mini-loaf. Trophy cabinet was ordered soon after.


Our first line for Sainsburys was created. All thanks to their Supply Something New programme, which helps small suppliers, work with the company. We’re still working with them today.

JULY 2008

The World Health Organisation approves gluten free oats for consumption by people with Coeliac Disease. Porridge anyone?

MAY 2009

We launched a yummy new range for Waitrose, including rice flake porridge

JUNE 2009

Our gluten free loaf, rolls and pizza bases found their way into our first farm shop, Fodder in Harrogate. The first ever retail launch of gluten free oats in the UK followed shortly after. Busy time for us


Mark, our first ever employee joins the team.


Sophie Countess of Wessex made a royal visit to Delicious Alchemy. The office wasn’t big enough at the time, so those lovely people at Sheffield Hallam kindly held the event on our behalf.


Our second employee Liz joined (and is still with us) and on the same day we signed the lease for our first company premises. A fab refurbished, ‘loft style’ office with a full development kitchen designed by us.


Our accountant got stuck in the lift.

We still giggle about it today. It’s a long story!

APRIL 2010

Emma visited No 10 Downing Street to talk to the PM’s advisors.


Delicious Alchemy goes all e-comm. We launched our online store selling our gluten free oats, rice flake porridge, muesli.


Imran, our very clever Technical Director joins the business.

JUNE 2012

We met our lovely and very talented product development expert at the Free From Show in Olympia. We loved what she was doing and asked her to join the team. She said, “yes”.


The first Delicious Alchemy baby was born – Mia, daughter of Liz

MAY 2013

We moved into Canada House, our new and innovative premises that fit the way we work at Delicious Alchemy perfectly.

February 2014

We take the plunge and hire a Managing Director. Tony joins the team, and brings with him oodles of valuable experience in the food industry.

MARCH 2014.

New brand identity, new products, new website. It’s all new here and we love our great new look. Hope you like it too.

July 2014

We hit the road and attend our first ever consumer show! We completely sold out of stock and had to make an emergency brownie run, but we loved it!

December 2014

We got the keys for our very own production facility here in Sheffield on Christmas Eve – in a pub car park! Nowt dodgy – honest, guv’nor!

February 2015

We’re full of pride as we open our own factory – a landmark moment for us. We welcome more people to the DA family as the team quadruples in size!

April 2015

Chatsworth Farm Shop decide to stock our entire range. We were so thrilled, we almost donned our white shirts and jumped into the pond – eat your heart out, Mr Darcy!

June 2015

Our first official team-building day falls on the hottest day of the year, featuring air guitars, a treasure hunt – and plenty of booze!

July 2015

What are the chances – two Delicious Alchemy weddings, in the space of a week!

August 2015

We had a high hand in the awards season this year with 4 Great Taste stars, followed by the Growth Business Award for Northern England at the FDF Awards in September and being Highly Commended in the Grocer New Products Awards in October.

November 2015

We’ve always known our brownie mix was a winner, so we were thrilled to be recognised twice in one day; once at the Good Choice! Free From awards, and once at the Quality Food Awards – against mainstream, non-free from products! Wow!

January 2016

An exciting day for Delicious Alchemy as the paperwork for the Charitable Foundation is sent off to the Charity Commission – the next step forward in our mission to improve the lives of people on a restricted diet.

June 2016

Our 10-year anniversary celebrations start here!


2016 will see the launch of several brand new, great-tasting Delicious Alchemy products – watch this space!