5 top tips for creating a gluten free dinner party menu

Here, Katie Georgeson from kitchen appliance manufacturer Stoves gives us her top tips for hosting a gluten-free dinner party that will impress all of your guests.

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Going gluten-free or catering to a coeliac guest doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t cook up some of your favourite meals for everyone to enjoy. Avoiding wheat, barley, rye and oats in your cooking is easy and you might be surprised at how many of your usual meals are naturally free of these ingredients.

Get the party going with some drinks

Some alcoholic drinks, such as beer, lager, stout, and ale, use malt or barley in their recipe, but you can find gluten-free alternatives. Plus, soft drinks, distilled spirits, cider, port, sherry and wine should all be suitable. Have a selection of drinks ready and hand them out as your guests arrive. Or, set up a refreshment station with drinks and garnishes to keep them going while you finish preparing your first course.

Start off light

When it comes to your starters, you can easily serve up a gluten-free dish that will blow your guests away. Why not keep it simple with a homemade soup or salad? Or you can impress with some spicy Thai salmon fishcakes and a sweet chilli dipping sauce. Whatever you choose to make, be sure to keep it light to avoid your guests getting too full after the first course.

Try to cook everything from scratch using fresh ingredients. If you can’t, remember that some processed foods, like condiments, can contain gluten. You should always check the label if you’re unsure.

Go big with your main

For your main, you can fight off those carb cravings with a flavoursome rice dish. Why not serve up a seafood risotto or paella for a tasty and filling main? Or, use corn or soba noodles as an alternative to pasta and top them with your favourite sauce.

A juicy steak fried with garlic and mushrooms is always a crowd favourite, and you can add variety to the dish with some vegetable sides. Or, you could make a spicy beef chilli and offer guests a vegan option using beans instead.

Add some tasty sides

Classic salad or vegetable sides can work well with almost any meal. You can also make up for the lack of bread with some simple potato dishes, like mash or roast potatoes.

If you feel your dish wouldn’t be complete without a loaf or two, you can create your own gluten-free versions using Delicious Alchemy’s white or brown bread mixes. You could even use these to make your own pizza bases for a more relaxed get together.

Finish on a high note

As one of the most difficult courses to make without using flour or wheat-based products, you can dress up naturally gluten-free desserts, like ice cream, with some less traditional flavours. Why not go for a lavender and honey or tea-flavoured ice cream? Or make a showstopping pavlova with a light meringue and some fresh berries and cream.

You could even use Delicious Alchemy’s packaged mixes to make your own gluten-free versions of staple desserts, like chocolate brownies. Serve your brownies with a scoop of caramel ice cream for an indulgent course. Or, use a vanilla sponge mix to create anything from cupcakes to a Victoria sponge cake — add some lemon zest and juice to transform yours into a zingy loaf.

By following our simple tips and suggestions, you can impress your guests with your showstopping gluten-free menu to make your get together a night everyone can enjoy.

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